Knit On: We The Knitters

Well, my fellow knitting people, here we are; the world has had to stop, drop and roll into their cocoons and we knitters — well dare I say it aloud — are ready.

Knitting has been called my “hobby,” my “craft,” my “old lady stuff” and no doubt you can add to the list of what people say. Regardless, my projects over forty-one years have expanded from filling a basket, then a closet, then half a room and now an entire room. We the Knitters are ready for global lockdown, needles in hand, no longer scorned but maybe a little envied; maybe we have stashed all these years for just this reason? We have bags, and baskets, and ziplock bags and hidden troves of yarn just waiting for us.

Even though time hangs on us in quarantine — as well as children, dogs, husband, wives, meals and cleaning the house — we have the best tools for surviving this: we will knit and knit and knit when our hands are free and computers turned off, relax into the rhythm of the stitches, calm our brains, our hands, our breathing and our selves.

Here are a few of the resources I have accessed just today — a whole flotilla of knitting and yarn and thread and mending beings from all over the world throwing ideas and comfort into the stratosphere. I have a playlist from Making Magazine, a stitching tutorial from Loop London, a 1:00 PM with Arne and Carlos everyday podcasting a project for free from Norway and at my fingertips two yarn stores 3,000 miles apart who are delivering (one by hand) materials and ideas needed as we face another six weeks or more.

Please write me a message with more resources. I will continue to post.

Meanwhile, I knit swatches for Arne and Carlos and laugh at their jokes. And who doesn’t love Arne’s hair? Instagram @ARNECARLOS, follow their podcasts on You Tube, go to their blog for the daily swatch post chart —

On Instagram: @Makingzine, @looplondonloves,

Go to their bios and follow, use their resources and play.

In Marblehead, MA, where I am in quarantine, email for your needs, questions, purchase order. This yarn fairy delivers, in SO many ways.

In Seattle Washington, tucked into the historic Ballard district, Jean at @teacozyyarn has a treasure trove of beautiful materials, expert staff and is mailing. Email her at

Knit on. Be well. Stay mighty.

Alexandra Dane

Swatches from the Quarantine Knit-A-long with @arnecarlos


3 thoughts on “Knit On: We The Knitters

    1. Midnight Knitter, Carlos took ill so you have time to catch up — will not resume podcasts until after Easter (April 11) and there are 14 swatch patterns to date all posted on their blog to download/print and make from your stash. Short, fun color stranding work. Have fun!

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